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2018 Queen's Tea

The Hoedown Scholarship is a very prestigious one! Where else do you get to wear a crown, have dozens of people want to take pictures with you, and have little girls look up to you? The scholarship is given to the members of the Hoedown Queen Court to help them with their next step in life. The girls not only learn to be ambassadors for the City of Houston, but also get the much needed funds to assist with college courses and the supplies that go with them. As you can see from the pictures, the Hoedown Court has fun while hosting visiting courts during Hoedown Days, but also by going to other communities and sharing their love of Houston and the support the town gives them. The Court also helps with the Little Miss Party and shows the younger girls what it means to be involved with Hoedown Days and the community of Houston. They attend local events and area parades to spread the word that Houston is great place to live!

We would like to thank our local businesses here in Houston for sponsoring and supporting the Hoedown Queen Court and their families that chaparone them during Hoedown Days and the parades!

2020 hoedown court coronation.jpg
2018 Court Musbakken
Help Put A Smile On A Little Girl's Face!
Ride In Style!
Just dance!
Meet interesting people!

Any question? Contact the Queen Committee


Vicki Hongerholt


Lynn Stampka



Make Memories!
2018 Court Vikings Cheerleaders
Make New Friends!
Have                Fun!


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